All Things Considered, Rock Music Was A Mistake

by J Blissette

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Pet Dog 03:20
do u know what a hit feels like what a kiss feels like no nothing at all don’t know why you thought it’d stop when the temperature drops no nothing at all trying to reconcile your need for it with nothing at all trying to reconcile nothing at all, it ain’t shit pet dog let off rocks off left car closed door the word no more outdoors for her for sure the words interior i carry on some more oh why i see your point of why we need to go outside at all don’t have to put yourself through these machines like nothing at all i swear the fear about continuing is nothing at all trying to reconcile nothing at all and it ain’t shit i swear to god I’d do it all again man (nothing at all) don’t make me have to break my fucking hands (nothing at all) expressing weakness wanting extra mothers trying to reconcile nothing at all and it ain’t shit mama d day bright as a bomb four pounds of weed no thought at all don’t know who the hell you are i’ll tell you all though through the door inside my own mind like a diamond mine like nothing at all trying to reconcile nothing at all and it ain’t shit keyed my own car to prove the point outside it’s nothing at don’t know what you do all day gotta kill your day got nothing at all the crushing guilt over your beverages is nothing at all trying to reconcile nothing at all and it ain’t shit
I don’t care about your father Show up early why’d you bother You should know you don’t impress her Like i know that i don’t either Take the car in Self improving like the next dumb Motherfucker out here waiting i was down to walk away Motherfucker out here waiting i was down to walk away It’s not worth it, don’t be good at anything They’re not people Tell me tho why are you so bad at this Do you think that you’re a big man No one cares about your dumb plans Nothing is New I hate your dad too Get your manhood wrapped up in this Tell me how you really feel Like a kid in a candy store Over your next meal I’m not perfect your’e not perfect were in this room it aint worth it I’m not perfect you’re not perfect we’re still working, this ain’t worth it Nothing is new I hate your dad too Nothing is saved But i need you to show up anyway I don’t care to i don’t need to i don’t need your nineteen ninety I don’t care to i don’t need to i don’t need your nineteen ninety five
Can’t you see they’re trying they don’t really know the timing I guess it’s our fault we hate to see when mom and dad are fighting Can’t you see it man they’re soft right now i’m off right now They could never stand to say a goddamn thing, oh wow On the outside goodnight white pride never really liked the outside always looking for another way i could get hurt Keep an eye out keep it focused never really bothered me before i found another thing i didn't care to learn
Cowgrrl 03:43
I am not a good man pocket full of each hand World all about it We hearld i’ll allow it I don't know if i know how I don’t know if i can escape on me I don’t know the words somehow I don’t know if i’m alive I am not a dead man Also ran who made plansplans Tell me all about it Before i’m disregarded I swear they can’t see me don’t go there between me I’m on board till we get declined I swear it’s for real I don’t know how to be here It’s my turn it’s my turn it’s mine If it’s their turn or my turn it’s mine They’re leaving without the one peice to get in me I’m aware that i’m left behind I’m taking a breather It’s okay she ain't there It’s myf ucking fault man you’re blind so i’m taking you home
If i gotta go out at least I’ll dress up Put it out there for real man no need to make up Rip them off rip them out shut it off light it up Close the door, Keep your hands where I can see them punk Whiny expressive staring in my cup Passive agressive lines chopping it up No understanding of how to self love No need to place me below or above Tell me about it i’ll try not to shrug I swear man i’m listening uh huh for sure Don’t feel bad i left that in the car After all of this time man i know who you are Remember it’s cool if you’re scared to speak up Don’t owe no one shit till it’s time to pay up Which side are you on when you’re next to the wall And if I’ve got a number do I know to call? Halogen bulbs to the back of the head Shards in the skin till it’s over and then Don’t make a fuss if it’s us or it’s them When it’s over and done with I’m through with the bread
You Do You 04:11
This guy likes things for all that it means And all of the money that’s in it for He’s doing him so what does it mean A pure unimpressive exterior My insides hurt for all that it’s worth I dunno what i have to do to them I’ll do all right all do alright got a to do list and everything Nine or ten guys sweaters that lie And all the beer you can fit in the car Do it all night do it all night Nobody cares who the fuck you are Pass the bar, cross the line, in the car Out in the light you’re outta sight Gotta go get it and everything We’ve all got jobs Roles are for sale Nice little guy but you’re in the way Look me in the eyes and say what that meant Look inside yourself and find out first Live better Get better Be better Get over how much all of that shit’ll hurt Dollar a day a dollar each way And no one;s the wiser or older or Out of the box changing the locks No one cares about it anymore Buried alive buried alive hear it through the window every day Buried alive
Tell me all the reasons you’d let me go Spit in to my face and call me a joke Just Let me smoke outside in peace Let me smoke outside in peace Tell me all the reasons I’ll never know How about you never let them say no Maintain focus, leave the street for the snow But Let me smoke outside in peace Let me smoke outside in peace Why do people do this, man I dunno Keep the cards you’re dealt right next tothe wall Maintain tasteful boundaries through it all Let me smoke outside in peace Let me smoke outside in peace Never try to return all of my calls This ain’t easy, it aint better We’re not lesser for the record Potted plants and happy people all alone we’ve got no heat no Free it and do it and all the way through it


All Things Considered, Rock Music Was A Mistake was a record written and recorded in 2019, intended to communicate the post-apocalyptic vibes of living in the modern day with mental illness, as filtered through learning how to use a goddamn drum machine. Somewhere between completion and release of the album, the world ended.

The release is a radical departure from previous J Blissette releases, influenced by modern pop music and the fact that guitar music died in 1997.

The album explores the venn diagram of “pop punk” and “modern pop music”, with detours into jungle, noise rock, and anime themes.

Autotune, 808s, Twitter, and a Fender Telecaster plugged into a desktop running Windows ‘95 were the main tools involved in the creation of the album.


released January 11, 2021

Music and Lyrics by J Blissette
Produced and Engineered by Eric Den Haan


all rights reserved


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